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ConidioTecTip – Backflushing

We often get asked about the maintenance required for the Aprehend spray gun. The good news is that the spray gun is virtually maintenance free if you follow a few basic tips. The most important one is to “backflush” the nozzle at the end of each job. Doing this will prevent blockages from occurring due to the collection of spores inside the spray mechanism.

To backflush the spray gun, place a gloved finger over the nozzle while depressing the trigger to blow the remaining product back down the straw and into the reservoir. It is rarely necessary to clean the gun if backflushing is performed after every job.

Never use water or water-based cleaning products to clean out the gun. If blockages occur run ~ 0.5 fl oz of rubbing alcohol through the system and back flush to remove the excess. Allow the gun to dry completely before re-use. IMPORTANT: For protection of internal pneumatics after cleaning, turn OFF the power at the battery AND depress the spray gun trigger to release the pressure in the hose. Here’s a video that illustrates backflushing.

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