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ConidioTecTip – Aprehend Sprayer Deep Cleaning

Generally, the only maintenance you need to perform on your Aprehend sprayer is to backflush after each use. But, if Aprehend is left in the sprayer too long, deep cleaning may be required. (Things happen, we get it.) So, this 2.5-minute ConidioTecTip details how to do it. You’ll need only rubbing alcohol, paper towels, gloves, and a paperclip.

Here’s a summary of the process:

  1. Confirm that the air bleed hole is clear with a paperclip or pin.
  2. Add a half-ounce of rubbing alcohol (70% or greater) to reservoir.
  3. Run the entire half-ounce of rubbing alcohol through system by spraying onto paper towels or cardboard.
  4. Backflush with a gloved finger, 3-5 seconds, exiting the straw.
  5. Clear system by running compressor, 3-5 seconds, exiting the nozzle.
  6. Release system pressure by turning battery off and depressing trigger.
  7. Wipe reservoir and let air dry a minimum 12 hours.

Remember: never use water to clean your Aprehend sprayer.

If this doesn’t clear blockages, you likely need a new spray gun. Give us a ring at 800-891-8610, x2 or email

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