Case Study: Success in a Heavily-Infested Group-Living Facility

In collaboration with Brent H., EPC, Background Environmental Pest Control (EPC) has been serving homes, cottages and businesses in Southern Ontario, Canada since 1988. They provide pest control solutions for bed bugs, cluster flies, mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, boxelder bugs, pine seed bugs, Asian lady beetles, spiders, earwigs, mosquitoes, ticks, wasps & hornets and … Read more

Aprehend Training, Part 2: Fungal Diseases of Insects

Can you spare 5 minutes for some continuing ed?  The 2nd part of Aprehend Training video series discusses Fungal Diseases of Insects. Dr. Jenkins explains the clever biology of fungi and the mechanisms they use to attack insects. She also discusses why these fungi present little to no risk to humans and takes a look … Read more

Are Bed Bugs Cannibals?

Our industry is all-too familiar with the unpleasant implications of bed bug infestations, whether that be their vampire-like dependency on human blood, or their alarming reproductive practice of traumatic insemination. Despite having this knowledge, in our field there is the frequently asked question Are bed bugs cannibalistic? That is, do they resort to sucking blood … Read more

Aprehend Training, Part 1: Bed Bug Biology

  Hungry for some bed bug info? The first installment of Aprehend Training, Bed Bug Biology, quickly discusses the basics of the bed bug life cycle and how that can influence your treatment protocol and follow-up strategy.  Dr. Jenkins also discusses bed bug “traumatic insemination” and how that may contribute to an infestation spreading to … Read more

In case you missed it…

Dr. Nina Jenkins, our Chief Technical Officer, presented at the 2021 PCT Vendor Showcase. This well-attended session discusses the important elements of bed bug biology and how to use this knowledge in the implementation of bed bug management programs using Aprehend. You’ll also learn how to reduce customer preparation requirements and opportunities for offering quarterly … Read more

Aprehend Proactive Protocol for Hotels-Motels

Click here to view the printable document. Scheduling Applications of Aprehend should be applied in each room on a quarterly schedule. The hotel can be divided in to 4 sections with all rooms in one section being treated each month. Alternatively, schedule treatments to include all rooms over a number of days until complete. If … Read more

What Is the Best Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Since we work in the bed bug control industry, we frequently get asked what the best bed bug treatment is. A quick online search will produce tens of millions of results on this subject. One can find pest management professionals extolling the effectiveness of their pesticides and heat treatments right alongside do-it-yourself guides that show … Read more

How to Identify Bed Bugs and Get Rid of Them

blue and white bed

It’s been said that a person’s home is their castle. If that’s true, then that makes a person’s bedroom something like an inner sanctum. It’s the most personal and private part of a house, a place where people can let their hair down, snuggle up under a warm blanket, and get some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, … Read more

Aprehend Proactive Protocol for Multi-Unit Housing

Click here to view the printable document. Recommendations for remediation and ongoing proactive servicing This protocol assumes that some active infestations exist in the building. Inspections of each unit can be conducted at the time of scheduled treatment, this saves time, and active infestations are identified and treated immediately. All units will be treated, so … Read more

SOLD OUT – Spray Kit Closeout!

For 2021, we standardized on the most popular pouch for the Aprehend Spray Kit, which is the “Shoulder” Pouch. This means we still have a few of the Waist Pouches remaining from 2020 inventory. For a limited time (while supplies last), you can enjoy the closeout sale price of $125 for the Low Volume Spray Kit … Read more