Closures & Shipping, 2020 Holidays

From our families to yours…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the usual year-end accolades!!    In observation of the upcoming Holidays:   ConidioTec will be closed on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1.    Please pay attention to these hours of operation and consider the possibility for extended delivery times due to carrier chaos … Read more

Aprehend Case Study (The Pest Posse episode 169)

If you haven’t seen the recent Aprehend Case Study done by the folks over at The Pest Posse, please check it out at the link below.  This case study was done to demonstrate the use of Aprehend as a preventive bed bug service as well as the effectiveness of Aprehend at a 65+ retirement community … Read more

Free 30-Minute Aprehend Webinar

Wednesday, December 16 at 2:00 (EST) Free, 30-minute webinar, “An Introduction to Aprehend® for the Control and Prevention of Bed Bug Infestations” will give a quick primer on the use of Aprehend to eliminate bed bugs. If you haven’t adopted Aprehend into your bed bug protocol, check this out to see what you’ve been missing. Join Nina … Read more

See us at the Virtual Global Bed Beg Summit!

Come see us at the 2020 Global Bed Bug Summit Aprehend is proud to be platinum sponsor of the 2020 Global Bed Bug Summit. It’s virtual this year, so everyone can attend. Wednesday and Thursday, December 2-3, you’ll join the pest management community for cutting-edge education on a broad range of topics, including overcoming challenges … Read more

Are you happy with your current bed bug protocol?
Part 3 – Chemical Resistance

We have all seen the research reports on the increased incidence of chemical resistance in bed bug populations. Bed bugs are known to have established resistance pathways to both pyrethroid and neonicotinoid-based insecticides. Unfortunately, these are the two most used classes of pesticides for bed bug remediation. Products containing single active ingredients from either of … Read more

Just in time for Halloween! Creepy feeding video of 2nd Instar Bed Bug

Not everyone has had the opportunity (or interest) to watch a bed bug feed up close and personal. So, we gave this little guy a chance to get a good meal while filming his time at the buffet. Since the early nymph stages (instars) are mostly transparent, it gives a great opportunity to watch the … Read more

Are you happy with your current bed bug protocol? (Part 2 – Follow-up Treatments)

Does your successful bed bug protocol require an initial treatment, followed by a 2nd application two weeks later, and a final follow-up 4 weeks after the initial treatment? Or even more? If your current protocol routinely requires at least two applications and a final follow-up, you might want to consider how using Aprehend® could reduce … Read more

Aprehend® Case Study: No Prep in a Multi-Unit Apartment Complex

This new case study describes the elimination of bed bugs from a multi-unit apartment complex in Ohio. This apartment complex suffered from recurring infestations due to prior tenant self-treatment and other professional treatments which did not solve the problem. By having the tenants launder the bed sheets and blankets and then using Aprehend® and mattress … Read more