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Storing Aprehend®


Recommended conditions

The Aprehend® label states that the product should be stored between 40°F and 77°F in a cool, dry place away from heat or open flame. Under these conditions, Aprehend® will remain effective for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Each bottle of Aprehend® is labeled with the batch number and the expiration date.  Providing Aprehend® has been stored appropriately, the product can be used with confidence up to the printed expiration date.

Cooler temperatures

Aprehend® can be stored or exposed to temperatures below 40°F. Even freezing temperatures will not affect the efficacy or expected expiration of the product. Just make sure to warm it up before trying to apply with the spray gun, since viscosity will affect the aerosol and droplet size.

Higher temperatures

Temperatures above 80°F will begin to affect the efficacy and expected expiration date of Aprehend®. Short periods of  exposure to temperatures up to 95°F are unlikely to have a significant effect on efficacy of the product in the near term but will affect the long-term stability. Bottles of Aprehend® that have been exposed to temperatures above 95°F are likely to have reduced shelf life and may be less  effective if they are not used until close to the printed expiration date.

Storage location

Store your Aprehend® in a cool, dry place. If your warehouse is not temperature controlled and is prone to heating up above 77°F in the hotter months, it would be best to store Aprehend® in the office or other environment that is maintained at a comfortable temperature for employees.

Aprehend® can be stored in a refrigerator, but this should be dedicated to non-food items. Never store any pesticide product in a refrigerator with food or beverages. If you have difficulty in finding a suitable environment for storage of Aprehend®, it may be better to purchase limited stock to ensure that all product is used well before the printed expiry date.

Traveling to and from jobs with Aprehend®

During the summer, many regions of the US experience high temperatures during the day. Temperatures in cars and trucks can be even more extreme, particularly if they are parked in full sunshine. Under these conditions, it is important to ensure that Aprehend® is not exposed to these extreme high temperatures. Many PMPs use a small cooler with an ice pack for transporting Aprehend during these hotter months. Providing a frozen ice pack is used each day, the cooler can be left in the car or truck during house visits and even overnight, unless temperatures are expected to remain above 80°F.

Alternatively, Aprehend® can be carried into each job with the PMP to avoid exposure to high temperatures in a parked vehicle. A general rule of thumb is that if the temperature is comfortable for a human, Aprehend® will remain effective. If you keep Aprehend® with you in the cab it will also benefit from the A/C between jobs.

Always keep your bulk stock of Aprehend back at the office and travel with just one or two bottles, depending on the number of bed bug jobs you have planned for the  day.

If Aprehend® has been exposed to a high temperature

If Aprehend® was accidentally exposed to a high temperature, it is best to assume  that some damage was done. However, unless this exposure was extreme (>115°F),  the product will still be effective, but should be used soon after this exposure and  kept at the lowest temperature possible to prevent further decline in efficacy. The  guidelines in Table 1 (below) may be used as a decision guide to ensure that all applications of Aprehend® are conducted with effective product.

Temperature Duration Lifetime
0°F Indefinitely As per printed label
Up to 77°F Indefinitely As per printed label
90°F Up to 2 weeks 2 months earlier than printed label
90°F Up to 4 weeks 4 months earlier than printed label
100°F Up to 1 week 2 months earlier than printed label
100°F Up to 2 weeks 6 months earlier than printed label
110°F 1 day 4 months earlier than printed label
110°F 2 days 8 months earlier than printed label
115° Up to 1 day Use product within 1 week of exposure
> 115°F > 1 hour Do not use product

For a printer-friendly version of this info to take with you on the job:

Temperature Guidelines for Aprehend®

Field Notes: Handling Aprehend® as the temperature rises