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Looking for the fastest knockdown? Vacuum!

For initial service, vacuuming to remove all visible bed bugs, skins, and eggs prior to treatment is key.  A vacuum is the most effective way to ensure that all visible bed bugs are instantly removed. This provides an immediate knockdown of the bed bug population and maximizes treatment success.

Vacuuming immediately removes eggs, live bugs, sheds, and dirt. Photo courtesy of Paul Bello, PJB Pest Consultants.

Spraying visible bed bugs directly is less effective than vacuuming because bed bugs layer on top of each other, and young nymphs hide inside shed skins where they are protected.  Application of a chemical spray on such visible groups of bed bugs often only kills the outer layer of bed bugs, leaving any bed bugs underneath protected from the toxin. Furthermore, when the directly sprayed bed bugs fall away dead, they take the chemical residual with them, potentially leaving an untreated surface below. Vacuuming will also remove dust and debris which can absorb chemicals and reduce their efficacy. After vacuuming, use Aprehend for its residual to target the bed bugs that are hidden or cannot otherwise be reached.

Check out Aprehend protocols here and our training videos here.

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