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Aprehend® Case Study: Hoarding in New Jersey

This new case study describes the eradication of bed bugs from a hoarder’s apartment in New Jersey. By using Aprehend® as the only treatment, Superior Pest Solutions (Vineland, NJ) was able to declare the apartment bed bug free after only one treatment and NO prep work. Superior Pest was so impressed with the results that they called in two different K9 units to look for any bugs that might have been missed and both searches came back negative.

These results convinced Superior Pest to eliminate all other chemical pesticides from their protocol. They now offer two treatment options: Heat & Aprehend® or Aprehend®-only. Most of the business has shifted to Aprehend®-only treatments and they have been successfully incorporating this protocol in many beach houses and rental properties in Southern New Jersey. The long-lasting residual action of Aprehend® remains active for up to 3 months and allows for its use as a proactive treatment.

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Aprehend® Case Study:  Hoarding in New Jersey