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Protect People and Property with Aprehend®

Bed bugs are a growing concern for property owners, public housing directors, and healthcare and hospitality professionals in all sectors. As opportunistic hitchhikers, they are easily carried on bags and clothing. In fact, it’s impossible for any facility that welcomes the general public to prevent the introduction of bed bugs. Their ability to hide in minute cracks and crevices make early detection extremely difficult even by the most meticulous housekeepers.

The long-lasting residual action of Aprehend® remains active for up to 3 months and allows for its use as a proactive treatment.

Properties and community environments that will benefit from Aprehend® Proactive Treatment:

  • Multi-unit housing
  • Rental properties
  • Hotels, vacation homes, and rentals
  • Doctor’s offices and medical waiting rooms
  • Long-term-care facilities
  • Campgrounds
  • Movie theaters
  • Libraries
  • Churches

Don’t take our word for it.  Listen to the PMPs using it:

“We have been using Aprehend® in New York City multi-family housing with excellent results. The fact that it can be applied without the unit owner or tenant having to do an extensive preparation, being green and organic, plus a three-month residual makes it a winning solution. Aprehend® is a game changer.”  —Jeff Klein, A3 Superior Pest Control

“Aprehend® has been the safest, most effective bed bug product Bug Bakers® has ever used. It is the only product we use in a home with children, an expectant mother, or pets, and the residual benefit gives homeowners the peace of mind for 3 months.”  —Greg Osborne, Bug Bakers® of Columbus


Free Customized Brochure!

A new proactive brochure is available to Aprehend® professionals that explains the benefits of Aprehend® as a proactive treatment. You can find it here:

Protect People & Property with Aprehend®

We’ll add your logo and contact information to the back of the brochure. You can then print your own or share it electronically. Or we’ll send you 50 non-branded copies. Free to Aprehend® professionals!  Simply call (800) 891-8610 ext. 2 or email: