Aprehend® case study – Effective pairing with heat treatment

This new case study describes the effective pairing of Aprehend® with heat treatments to offer competitive solutions in price-sensitive markets. With an increased presence of (often unlicensed) heat treatment operators offering cheaper, but less thorough bed bug treatments, Bug Bakers™ (Columbus, OH) was looking for alternative approaches in their market.

Bug Bakers™ evaluated Aprehend® and established a treatment protocol that enabled them to offer an effective alternative to heat treatment at 75% of the heat treatment cost.  Customers welcomed the lower cost, chemical free approach.  Bug Bakers™ are now using their heat rig about 50% of the time, while Aprehend® treatments represent 40% of their bed bug jobs, with pesticides at 10%.

By offering Aprehend® as an alternative or an add-on service to heat, Bug Bakers™ has experienced a 10-15 % increase in profits.

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Aprehend® Case Study – Effective pairing with heat treatment