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Aprehend® case study – Tennessee apartment complex

This new case study describes the eradication of bed bugs from a 32-unit complex in Tennessee, using Aprehend®, Cimexa™ and encasements.  Property management had been battling bed bugs for over 6 years with no success. Over 50% of the apartments showed visual signs of infestation, with two apartments being classified as highly infested and cluttered.

HTP Termite and Pest Control (Huntingdon, TN), took on the contract and conducted treatments in all 32 apartments.  The treatments took 2 days to complete, using 4 technicians.  The majority (27) of the apartments were treated only once and 5 apartments (including the two badly infested apartments) received a second application 30 days later.  Visual inspection 60 days after the initial treatment indicated no live bed bug activity in any apartment.

No reports of ongoing activity have been received as of 6 months after the initial treatment.

Read the full report which includes prep work and treatment protocol:

Aprehend® Case Study – Apartment Complex in Tennessee