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FAQ – Aprehend and Mattresses

Why can’t Aprehend be applied to a mattress?

The Aprehend label does not permit application of the product on mattresses.  The best treatment options for mattresses are physical removal (vacuum), steam or cryonite, contact insecticides, or encasements. All these methods target visible bed bugs and ensure their removal/death and are likely to provide good, cost-effective treatment.  And since mattresses are usually covered with a sheet following treatment, Aprehend barriers placed here would not be easily encountered by bed bugs seeking a blood meal. 

The principle behind Aprehend is as a residual insecticide targeting the bed bugs that are NOT accessible for direct treatment/removal. The most effective barrier placement is around the top, side and bottom perimeters of the box spring or equivalent areas on bed frames.  Check out the training videos here for more information on strategic barrier placement. Click here to see a training segment that specifically discusses handling mattresses and using Aprehend with traditional chemicals and other techniques.

To review an evaluation of Aprehend viability on box spring encasements, see the Field Notes document here.

Ultimately, Aprehend is one of many effective tools and should be used in combination with other control methods to ensure bed bug eradication.

Still have questions? Contact us or ring us at 800-891-8610. We’ll discuss how to add Aprehend to your bed bug eradication arsenal.