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Case Study: Low Prep Suits Elderly Client and Remains Bed Bug Free 2 Years Later

In collaboration with Jacob Konold, Konold Pest Control, Denver, CO,

Jacob Konold has been in pest control all of his life. He is a second generation exterminator, as his father owns a pest control business in South Dakota. Based in the Denver Metro Area, Jacob carries on the tradition with his business: Konold Pest Control. Jacob believes in helping people, “Nobody should have to worry about diseases, allergic reactions, lost inventory, or lost peace of mind! We are relentless and strategic when it comes to pest control.”

Jacob heard about Aprehend from his chemical representative, but bed bug jobs comprise a very small portion of his overall work. When this job came along, he though it was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of Aprehend’s low-prep protocol. The client is a senior couple in a large house with a high infestation and moderate clutter. Their bedroom exhibited the highest levels of infestation, but the large home provided endless harborage possibilities. Bed bugs were also found in the living room and closets. Given the level and spread of infestation, Aprehend’s up-to three-month residual was an attractive feature. It ensures bed bugs emerging at later feeding times and/or life cycle stages are also targeted.

Figure 1  Bed bugs had spread to harborages outside of sleeping and living areas.

Figure 2  Bed bugs in all life stages were identified.

The client could not perform any prep. The client’s daughter and her husband laundered the bedding and linens. Jacob moved the mattress and furniture for treatment and also put everything back post-treatment.

After a thorough vacuum, Jacob applied Crossfire® to the mattress, living room furniture, and walk-in closet areas for an immediate knock-down. He went back the next day for the Aprehend application.* In the main bedroom, the box spring, bed frame, closet moldings, dressers, and nightstands were treated. In the living room, all furniture was treated. All bedrooms and closets received a perimeter treatment. Jacob used 8 ounces of Aprehend for this job. Interceptor monitors were placed under the bed frame legs.

Results & Post-Treatment
Within 30 days, the population experienced massive die-off and activity came to a halt. Both Jacob and the client were relieved. Less than two months later, the customer called because they said they saw a bug on the couch. Jacob returned to inspect and found no other bugs or evidence of infestation, other than a few dead bugs in the interceptors and one live bug on the couch. Although the original Aprehend treatment’s residual would’ve protected the client, Jacob’s superior customer service led him to spot-treat the bed and couch. Two years later, the residence remains bed bug free.

Moving Forward
“Aprehend is awesome. It allows the client to do almost zero prep work, and it’s quick to apply.” Jacob recommends interceptors under bed and couch legs to gives clients peace of mind. Jacob notes that the cost of Aprehend appears higher than traditional chemicals, but reduced prep and fewer applications result in significant savings in time and labor costs. Although for him, the real benefit is to the customer: Aprehend solves their problem.

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*Aprehend is not approved for use on mattresses, so PMPs must employ other control measures: traditional chemical, steam, encasement, etc. Aprehend fits into any protocol, as long as Aprehend is applied to a dry surface. Usually, this requires less than an hour, and most PMPs apply Aprehend during their initial visit. To discuss how Aprehend fits into your protocol, contact us at 800-891-8610.