Updated Client Preparation Instruction Sheets for Use with Aprehend® – Now Available for Download

Aprehend® supports current best practice, ‘minimal preparation’ by clients prior to treatment.  Now available for download from the Aprehend® website (www.aprehend.com/documents), these editable preparation sheets (in English and Spanish) can be printed for handing to clients prior to treatment.  The prep sheets can be edited to align with company policies on aspects such as moving furniture items etc.  The prep sheets also provide clients with information on what to expect after Aprehend® treatment, and what NOT to do following service.

PMPs currently using the Aprehend® preparation sheets report a higher client compliance rate than previous preparation protocols.  Of course, there are always clients who do not, or cannot prepare for treatment as instructed.  In these situations, Aprehend® will still work, but time to eradication is likely to be longer due to the increased number of random harborages present.