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Improper Use of Aprehend® with the B&G AccuSpray Elite

Use of the B&G AccuSpray Elite to apply Aprehend® will have a seriously negative impact on its efficacy.

We recently have seen information circulating that suggests the use of the B&G AccuSpray Elite for application of Aprehend®.  Please be aware that the B&G AccuSpray Elite is NOT compatible with Aprehend®. The ConidioTec team evaluated the B&G AccuSpray, along with other industry-standard equipment, for compatibility with Aprehend®.  Unfortunately, we were unable to identify any existing pest control equipment that met specification for use with Aprehend®.

The reason for this is that current industry-standard equipment is designed for use with products that are diluted in water and applied at relatively high volumes. Aprehend® MUST NOT be diluted in water and is applied as a ready-to-use oil formulation at ultra-low volume rates. This ensures the long (up to 3 month) residual efficacy that Aprehend® users love. The Aprehend® spray kit was specifically designed to ensure the required application rate, consistent pressure, active ingredient concentration, and spray pattern for Aprehend®.

Issues and limitations that we found with the AccuSpray Elite:

  • Persistent clogging throughout system, and product residue remains in coiled hose after use which exacerbates clogging.
  • Gasket degradation from oils in the Aprehend® formulation.
  • Variable product delivery: Even with just 4-5 pumps, the pressure and volume application are too high, leading to visible, oily residues and product waste. Also, hand-pump sprayers provide inconsistent pressure, decreasing over time between pumps. This affects active ingredient concentration and therefore product efficacy.
  • Multi-product cross-contamination: We never recommend using Aprehend® in the same tank as other insecticide products, even with cleaning between treatments. The moisture from the other liquids and cleaning with water is damaging to the spores. Always use a dedicated spray kit for Aprehend®.

Remember, we’re not an equipment company, we’re a biopesticide company. We had to develop our own spray kit to apply Aprehend® when we couldn’t find one that would meet our needs. If we find that another unit works appropriately, we’ll be happy to recommend it and report on it. Until then, to save yourself a bunch of time, trouble, and call-backs/re-treats, we suggest sticking to the Aprehend® low volume sprayer kit.

Bottom line: B&G manufactures quality, industry-standard treatment delivery systems for many products, but Aprehend® isn’t one of them.


Use the Aprehend® low volume sprayer kit for best results