Are you happy with your current bed bug protocol? (Part 2 – Follow-up Treatments)

Does your successful bed bug protocol require an initial treatment, followed by a 2nd application two weeks later, and a final follow-up 4 weeks after the initial treatment? Or even more?

If your current protocol routinely requires at least two applications and a final follow-up, you might want to consider how using Aprehend® could reduce technician time and free up your schedule to service more customers. After all, more customers = more revenue.

Due to its reliable, up to 3-month residual, most bed bug infestations can be eradicated with a single application. Even 1st instar nymphs emerging up to 25 days after the initial treatment will be infected by contact with the spray residue when seeking their first blood meal. The 2-week follow-up visit is eliminated since there is no decline in the residual activity of Aprehend® during that time.

Save technician time by not scheduling a follow-up until 30 days after the initial treatment. In 90% of cases, no live bed bugs are found after the first treatment and follow-up inspection, and the spray residue continues to remain active for up to another 60 days. This provides long-term protection and peace of mind for the client, even for reintroduction. For the 10% of cases where live activity is detected at the 30-day follow-up, a simple reapplication of Aprehend® barriers in key target areas is all that is required to boost the activity of the spray residue and ensure eradication.

Schedule more services by implementing Aprehend® as the lead product in your bed bug service protocol. See how other PMPs have used Aprehend® in a variety of difficult situations in these Case Studies and suggested prep steps and proper equipment usage with these Training Videos.