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Are you happy with your current bed bug protocol? (Part 2 – Follow-up Treatments)

Does your successful bed bug protocol require an initial treatment, followed by a second application two weeks later and a final follow-up four weeks after the initial treatment? Or even more?

If your current protocol routinely requires at least two applications and a final follow-up, you may be able to tighten up your treatment process with our product.

Aprehend® can reduce technician time and free up your schedule to service more customers. After all, more customers = more revenue, and we see Aprehend® as the best bed bug treatment for making this possible.

Multiple Treatments in Common Bed Bug Protocols

We have written about standard bed bug protocols before on this blog. Research these, and you’ll find information stating that two or more follow-up PMP treatments may be necessary to eradicate a bed bug population completely from a residence.

Every PMP knows bed bugs are difficult to root out and destroy. This is par for the course in the pest-control industry. But the fact is that when we get into second, third, or even fourth visits for treatment, we’re talking about fairly high costs and time investments both for PMPs and customers.

Despite the fact that ongoing treatments could be financially steep, customers may not want to abandon the plan altogether; doing this could squander the money they’ve devoted to treatments to this point, and they might keep going despite what it’s costing them.

Coming back to a job site two or three times can be tough on PMPs, too. Your technicians become bogged down with pouring more resources into treating the same location repeatedly. This eats into your ability as a PMP company to reach more customers and get more jobs done.

How Aprehend® Improves Treatment Time

Due to Aprehend®’s reliable residual, which lasts up to three months, most bed bug infestations can be eradicated with a single application. Even first instar nymphs emerging up to 25 days after the initial treatment will be infected by contact with the spray residue when seeking their first blood meal. The two-week follow-up visit is eliminated since there is no decline in the residual activity of Aprehend® during that time.

You can save technician time by not scheduling a follow-up until 30 days after the initial treatment. In 90% of cases, no live bed bugs are found after the first treatment and follow-up inspection, and the spray residue continues to remain active for up to another 60 days. This provides long-term protection and peace of mind for the client, even for reintroduction. For the 10% of cases where live activity is detected at the 30-day follow-up, a simple reapplication of Aprehend® barriers in key target areas is all that is required to boost the activity of the spray residue and ensure eradication.

Add Aprehend® to Your Bed Bug Protocol and Save

PMPs can schedule more services by implementing Aprehend® as the lead product in their bed bug protocols for home health. As a biopesticide, the germinating fungal spores of our product are far more effective in eliminating entire bed bug populations than the chemical insecticides to which many bed bugs have become resistant.

You stand to save more time and effort than you thought possible with Aprehend®’s bed bug home treatment. The bed bugs essentially do the work for you by taking our product to their harborages. Over time, the time you save from not having to revisit job sites for additional treatments can pay for itself. Ultimately, you should have more time to service other customers and become more profitable.

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