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Andermatt partners with ConidioTec to launch a novel B. bassiana bed bug product in Europe

Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse, the Swiss based Andermatt Group subsidiary, has partnered with CondioTec LLC (USA) to introduce the Aprehend® biopesticide for the control and prevention of bed bugs into the European market. Aprehend is a fungal biopesticide based on an oil formulation of Beauveria bassiana, a natural fungal disease of insects.

Aprehend is registered in the US and Canada and has rapidly become the go-to product for PMPs to control and prevent bed bug infestations in North America. Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse will formulate Aprehend with a highly effective B. bassiana strain of the South African sister company Andermatt PHP and will undertake biocide registration for the EU.

“Bringing an established microbial solution for bed bugs in North America to the European market is crucial for PMPs tackling the increasing bed bug problem in Europe. We are pleased about this partnership with CondioTec and this opportunity to extend our portfolio of biocide solutions. The Andermatt network is looking forward to developing its reach into this market” states Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse CEO Martin Günter.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to provide our proven bed bug treatment, Aprehend, to the European market alongside an established biological products leader such as Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse. We think this is a winning combination of expertise for a successful launch” said Don McCandless, CEO of ConidioTec. 

About Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse AG

Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse AG is the Swiss subsidiary of the Andermatt Group AG. For 35 years, Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse invests in a broad portfolio to allow sustainable plant protection and biocide management. It was the first to develop a baculovirus based plant protection product and with its strong innovative focus continues to develop biological alternatives in agriculture and biocides. Andermatt Group AG is a global pioneer in developing and offering biological solutions with the joint goal to enable healthy food production. Andermatt has a broad portfolio of high-quality biological products including bioinsecticdes, biofungicides, biological biocides, biostimulants, seed treatment and be health products. “Healthy food, and healthy environment, for all”.

About ConidioTec

ConidioTec LLC is a privately held company based in Pennsylvania, USA. Their initial product, Aprehend, was launched in 2017 based on technology licensed from The Pennsylvania State University. Aprehend is now sold throughout the US & Canada and is increasingly relied on for the most challenging infestations in residential, multi-unit housing, rental properties, long-term care facilities, and commercial properties. The ConidioTec team has decades of experience in biopesticide development, production, quality assurance, commercial use of biological control agents, and domestic and international sales and distribution of technical products.

For product inquiries in the US and Canada, contact ConidioTec at 800-891-8610 or