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Sales Tools Request & Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Aprehend

  1. Eliminate and prevent—Aprehend is for both eradication of existing infestations and protection against new ones.
  2. Stand-alone or part of any protocol—Aprehend is the universal piece in any bed bug IPM strategy.
  3. Temperature and storage guidelines—Aprehend must be stored at room temperature, but shipping transit times aren’t a factor (ask for more info and data).
  4. Expiration dates/shelf life—Aprehend has a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture. Each bottle is printed with a lot sticker and expiration date.
  5. Low prep—Super easy on the client and PMP.
  6. Saves Time for PMPs—Less prep, fast application, less follow-up, >90% success with one treatment.
  7. Aprehend Professional Locator Map—PMPs generate free leads.
  8. Free literature & customized e-literature/door hangers—Sales and educational tools!
  9. PMP technical training—In-person, live zoom, and an extensive on-demand library.
  10. Free technical support—Here to help. A call or email away!

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