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Low Volume Sprayer Kit with Aprehend Pouch

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This specially designed spray kit was created for the proper application rate and spray pattern for Aprehend. The nozzle was designed to apply a 2” band when held ~ 4” from the surface being sprayed. The plastic reservoir holds 3 fl oz. If any product remains after treatment, it can be poured back into the original bottle (since this product is never mixed with anything, there’s virtually no waste). The strap adjusts from 28-59″ (71-150cm) for use as a waist, shoulder, or crossbody pouch.


  • Custom pouch with 28-59″ expandable strap (P/N 302025)
  • Coiled Hose (P/N 30113)
  • Spray gun with 3oz reservoir (P/N 30110)
  • Mini Compressor with A/C Adaptor (P/N 30112)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery With Wall Charger (P/N 30114)
  • Lithium Battery 12V DC Car Charger (P/N 30116)


Check out the proper use of the Aprehend Spray kit here: