Deluxe Sprayer Kit w/Extension Wand (P/N 30105)


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This specially designed spray kit was created for the proper application rate and spray pattern for Aprehend. The nozzle was designed to apply a 2” band when held ~ 4” from the surface being sprayed. The plastic reservoir holds 3 fl oz. If any product remains after treatment, it can be poured back into the original bottle (since this product is never mixed with anything, there’s virtually no waste). The strap expands to a maximum of 53”. The 32″ extension wand quickly attaches to the Aprehend® Low Volume Sprayer Kit. A simple change to the attachment angle allows an overhead application for things like ceiling edges and crown moldings or a floor level application for surfaces like baseboards.


  • 10-pocket pouch with 53” expandable strap (P/N 302075)
  • Spray gun with 3oz reservoir (P/N 30110)
  • Mini Compressor with hose (P/N 30112)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (P/N 30114)
  • Lithium Battery Wall Charger, 12.6v 0.5A (P/N 30120)
  • Lithium Battery 12V DC Car Charger (P/N 30116)
  • Compressor A/C wall adapter (P/N 30135)
  • 32″ Spray Gun Extension Kit (P/N 40200)


Check out the proper use of the Aprehend Spray kit here:

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