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Thanks for your interest in Aprehend and for submitting your information online.

We’ll verify your state applicator license and business information, then be in touch within 24 hours.

However, if you have an urgent request, please call us at 800-891-8610, x2 or email us at

In the meantime, please watch the training videos for Aprehend application equipment and protocol by visiting

  • The Aprehend Spray Application Kit
  • Preparation Protocol for Aprehend Treatment
  • Strategic Application of Aprehend for Bed Bug Infestations

Low Volume Sprayer Kit with Aprehend Pouch

P/N 30101-75


Deluxe Sprayer Kit w/Extension Wand

P/N 30105


Aprehend® 16 Oz Bottle


Aprehend® 6-pack 16 Oz Bottle


Spare Battery


Spray Gun Extension Kit (32″)


Aprehend® is a new and unique product, and must be applied using the Aprehend® spray gun.  Your initial order must include a low volume spray kit.  Application strategies and resident preparation will also differ from current protocols, so it is essential that all new users watch the series of short training videos.