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Bed Bug News

box spring encasements

Aprehend® and box spring encasements – Part 2

Encasements are commonly used for box springs and mattresses by both PMPs and homeowners to combat bed bugs. Some of these products have an “anti-feeding” coating or even an anti-microbial coating on their surfaces. In this study​, we performed testing on 7 commercially available encasements to…

Using Aprehend® with mattress and box spring encasements

New research conducted at Penn State University tested the compatibility of ActiveGuard® liners and passive, encasement type mattress and box spring protectors with Aprehend®. The results demonstrated that the permethrin-impregnated ActiveGuard® liners had a minor effect on the viability of the Aprehend® spray residue when measured…

Aprehend® Paired with the Cimex Eradicator steam generator

This new case study shows how Aprehend® enabled Green Flag Services (Lake Mary, FL) to offer a low-cost, effective bed bug remediation service requiring just one treatment. The addition of steam using the Polti Cimex Eradicator allowed them to offer bed bug treatment with immediate relief…