An Introduction to Aprehend™

This 1 minute animated video describes how Aprehend™ works to control and prevent bed bug infestations. 

The Aprehend™ Spray Application Kit

Aprehend™ is a 'Ready to Use' oil-based formulation that requires the use of a specialized low volume spray gun.  This 10 minute video covers the set up, use and maintenance of the Aprehend™ spray application kit. 

Preparation Protocol for Aprehend™ Treatment

Homeowner preparation is key to fast and effective bed bug control.  This 4 minute video covers the recommended preparation protocol prior to Aprehend™ treatment.

Strategic Application of Aprehend™ for Bed Bug Infestations

Aprehend™ has a unique mode of action, and should be applied in narrow 2" spray barriers to target bed bugs as they emerge from their harborages.  This 9 minute video explains how to assess a room for treatment with Aprehend™ and placement of strategic barriers for optimal bed bug remediation.