Only brief surface contact required

Unlike chemicals, which require bed bugs to remain in contact with the spray in order to absorb the toxins, Aprehend requires only the briefest of encounters with the sprayed surface to be effective. This figure illustrates how bed bugs crossing just 2” of a sprayed surface die within 5 days. 


Aprehend® effective for 3 months

Due to their cryptic nature, bed bugs are extremely difficult to target by direct spray application. A critical feature of any bed bug pesticide is the length of time that the spray residue remains effective. Our results show that Aprehend is just as effective three months after application as it was the day after spraying.  


Chemical resistance –

no problem for Aprehend®

Bed bug populations are becoming resistant to many of the commonly used chemical insecticides. These data show the efficacy of Aprehend against the resistant ‘Jersey City’ and ‘Campus Coutryard’ strains of bed bug in comparison to the chemical standard ‘Suspend SC.’