Aprehend® and box spring encasements - Part 2

Encasements are commonly used for box springs and mattresses by both PMPs and homeowners to combat bed bugs. Some of these products have an “anti-feeding” coating or even an anti-microbial coating on their surfaces.


In this study, we performed testing on 7 commercially available encasements to see whether there’s any impact on the efficacy of Aprehend®.

Most came through with no adverse impact, but there was one product which we cannot recommend for use with Aprehend®.

The full article can be found here: Evaluation of Aprehend® viability on box spring encasements for use in bed bug infestations.

What are Biopesticides? Hear from Nina Jenkins on The Pest Posse Podcast (Part 2)

Check out the interview with Aprehend® co-Founder, Nina Jenkins, and Foster Brusca from The Pest Posse. Nina talks about Aprehend® as a Biopesticide and killing insects using naturally occurring diseases in this 18-minute episode.

The Pest Posse is a weekly YouTube series dedicated to the pest management professional, providing information on new products, policies and procedures.

Aprehend has been used in 40,000 bed bug jobs across the country. Maine to Arizona, Alaska to Florida. Hot, cold, humid, dry. It will work in a whole range of environmental conditions. Why not give it a try today?

Check out Episode 96B - What are BioPesticides?


What is Aprehend®? Hear from Nina Jenkins on the Pest Posse Podcast (Part 1)

Check out the interview with Aprehend® co-Founder, Nina Jenkins, and Foster Brusca from The Pest Posse. Nina talks about the early research at Penn State that created the initial commercial interest, the launch of Aprehend®, and early PCO feedback in this 18-minute episode.

The Pest Posse is a weekly YouTube series dedicated to the pest management professional, providing information on new products, policies and procedures.

And Aprehend® kills bed bugs for 90 days. Really. You should try it.

Check out Episode 96 - What is Aprehend®?


Using Aprehend® with mattress and box spring encasements

New research conducted at Penn State University tested the compatibility of ActiveGuard® liners and passive, encasement type mattress and box spring protectors with Aprehend®. The results demonstrated that the permethrin-impregnated ActiveGuard® liners had a minor effect on the viability of the Aprehend® spray residue when measured by % germination of the spores. The overall effectiveness of Aprehend® as measured by bed bug mortality after exposure to the treated surfaces 1 and 5 weeks after application was not negatively impacted.

What does this mean to you? The bottom line is that passive and impregnated mattress liners are compatible with Aprehend® and the application of Aprehend® to either type of liner enhances bed bug mortality. However, since there is no added advantage of applying Aprehend® to ActiveGuard® encasements, best practice implementation of these products would be to use ActiveGuard® on the mattresses, where Aprehend® cannot be applied, and Aprehend® on box springs with passive encasements or directly to the box spring itself.

The full research article from the Journal of Entomology can be found HERE: Persistence and Lethality of a Fungal Biopesticide (Aprehend®) Applied to Insecticide-impregnated and Encasement-type Box Spring Covers for Bed Bug Management.

Hope Rescue Mission: Using Aprehend® to improve the residents' quality of life

Hope Rescue Mission has successfully incorporated Aprehend® into their bed bug protocol and reduced their incidents to “almost zero” while improving the residents’ quality of life. In difficult treatment scenarios like this (older structures with lots of nooks and crannies, highly transient population, furniture & clothing drop-off center), Aprehend® can be a great weapon in the fight against bed bugs. Check out their story in the new Aprehend® Field Notes.


Introducing the Aprehend® Extension Wand Kit

Based on PMP demand, we’ve created this easy to use 32” extension wand that quickly attaches to the Aprehend® Low Volume Sprayer Kit. A simple change to the attachment angle allows an overhead application for things like ceiling edges and crown moldings or a floor level application for surfaces like baseboards.

Eliminate the need for ladders or step stools and save some wear and tear on your back and knees. Only $30, P/N 40200 and available direct from ConidioTec or through BWI, Oldham, Target Specialty/Residex, or Univar.

See it in action:

Aprehend® Extension Wand Kit - setup and use video

Aprehend® Paired with the Cimex Eradicator steam generator

This new case study shows how Aprehend® enabled Green Flag Services (Lake Mary, FL) to offer a low-cost, effective bed bug remediation service requiring just one treatment. The addition of steam using the Polti Cimex Eradicator allowed them to offer bed bug treatment with immediate relief from bites, plus the long-term residual of Aprehend® for a fraction of the cost of a standard thermal remediation. Green Flag offers a 12-month warranty with their single-visit bed bug remediation service and after 64 treatments has only been called back for 5 re-treats. Read the full report which includes prep work and treatment protocol:

Aprehend ® paired with the Cimex Eradicator steam generator


Updated Client Preparation Instruction Sheets for Use with Aprehend® - Now Available for Download

Aprehend® supports current best practice, ‘minimal preparation’ by clients prior to treatment.  Now available for download from the Aprehend® website (www.aprehend.com/documents), these editable preparation sheets (in English and Spanish) can be printed for handing to clients prior to treatment.  The prep sheets can be edited to align with company policies on aspects such as moving furniture items etc.  The prep sheets also provide clients with information on what to expect after Aprehend® treatment, and what NOT to do following service.

PMPs currently using the Aprehend® preparation sheets report a higher client compliance rate than previous preparation protocols.  Of course, there are always clients who do not, or cannot prepare for treatment as instructed.  In these situations, Aprehend® will still work, but time to eradication is likely to be longer due to the increased number of random harborages present. 

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