Aprehend® case study – Mobile Home treatment in Oklahoma

This new case study describes the eradication of bed bugs from a single family mobile home in Oklahoma, using Aprehend®.   The homeowners had been treating their home using pesticide products that were available from their local stores or on-line.  The bugs always seemed to “come back.”  Significant bed bug activity was found during the inspection, with bed bugs visible crawling on the walls and ceiling

Triple B Pest Solutions (Poteau, OK) took the contract and conducted Aprehend® treatments in the bedrooms, living area, and bathroom.  They estimate that remediation using traditional chemical applications would have required a total of 4-6 treatments, using a range of chemicals to ensure that pesticide resistant bugs were properly dealt with.  Visual inspection 2 weeks after the initial treatment indicated no live bed bug activity in any location.

No reports of ongoing activity have been received more than 3 months after the initial treatment.

Read the full report which includes prep work and treatment protocol:

Aprehend® Case Study – Mobile Home treatment in Oklahoma